Click Here to Download ZaraWebs RDS v:1.2

ZaraWeb RDS was developed by Sunshine Radio Multimedia.
This program generates a playlist of songs that were played in order to put on your site. 

(Translated from:

Once installed the program will start. Once opened will click with the right mouse button on the icon present
bar next to the clock of your PC and will select SETUP.

Opens a window with the various configuration options.

Let us set:

In Path to ZaraRadio's "current song.txt" file: will put the path to the "current song.txt" created by Zara.

Is something like this - C: \ Program Files \ ZaraSoft \ ZaraRadio \ CurrentSong.txt

- In Station Name
will put the name of your radio.

- In HTMLPlaylist filename
will put "playlist.html." In principle there should already be by definition.

- In the Background color
will put the background color of the page that will be created by the RDS. You can select a predefined color
or custom format (hexdec consisting of 6 characters)

- In Text Color
It's the same color of the background, but the text color.

HTML Label Settings:

- Current title - Playing:

- Time Zone - the system time of your country

- Previous titles - has played:

- Footer - You can put for example a message type Copyright "Copyright 2009 Your Radio."

- Newsbed Manager
It is an advanced tool that is not worth exploring in this tutorial. Do not move.


- Host-The address of your FTP site type

- Username - your username to access your ftp folder of your site.

- Password - the password to access your folder on your ftp site.

- Port - 21 (usually)

- Remote Directory - This is the folder on your server where you want to publish the CurrentSong. Example: public_html / radio /

- Use passive mode - Enable. It may be the server your site will not accept this option. Generally everyone accepts.

The base is configured. Let's test the link to your site:

Click TEST. If you say OK, it's okay. If you give the error message should check the Host, Username,
Port and Password. Or the need to disable the Use passive mode.
Finally, to begin publishing the page "manufactured" by the RDS AUTO START let's click UPLOAD.

To access the page of the RDS will be the following address: ""

Basically it's just that.



The preceding tutorial originated from:

The google translated to english version is:

 Click Here to Download ZaraWebs RDS v:1.2

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